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Yes, we do accept third party billing to a variety of insurance companies. When asking us to bill all or a portion of your treatment fees, please understand that you are required to pay any fees not covered by your insurance plan. You also may be requested to contact your insurance company in the case that something goes wrong. Please note that while many insurers offer ‘direct billing’ to their clients, some insurers and/or specific plans do not specify that they mean ‘payment direct to customer only’. In order for us to bill for you, your insurance plan must allow ‘payment direct to provider’. Please note that in the event your insurance does not allow direct billing, or payment to provider, we’re happy to provide a receipt that you can use to claim back your treatment fees. Please note unfortunately we are not able to accept WCB claims at this time.

This is the list of the companies we can bill to.

MSP: If you are eligible for MSP coverage they will pay $23 of your service for a maximum of 10 treatments per calendar year. Please note that this is a combined coverage that applies to acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy, and non-surgical podiatry. It is not 10 per modality, it is 10 treatments overall. Example: You have 10 treatments in a year and see your physio twice, and your RMT once. You have used 3 of 10 treatments. Please visit this website to learn more.

ICBC: If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and have a claim number you are eligible for 12 treatments of massage therapy without a doctor’s referral. (We advise that you see a physician after an accident as soon as possible regardless.) We will need: the date of your MVA, and your claim number. The name and phone number of your team or adjuster is also helpful. ICBC covers the entirety of your first visit after the accident, and will cover a 45 minute treatment, but anything longer will require you to pay partially out of pocket.

Third Party Insurance Companies: Pacific Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross, BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators, Canada Life (formerly Great West Life), Canadian Construction Workers Union, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance, CINUP, ClaimSecure, Coughlin & Associates Ltd., Cowan, D.A. Townley, Desjardins Insurance, Equitable Life of Canada, First Canadian, GMS Carrier 49, GMS Carrier 50, GroupHEALTH, GroupSource, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group Inc., La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, LiUNA Local 183, LiUNA Local 506, Manion, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit, People Corporation, RWAM Insurance Administrators, Sun Life, TELUS AdjudiCare, Union Benefits, UV Insurance.